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Give me wine, a little music…

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Hundreds of Canadians banded together - ok we couldn’t help ourselves with “banded” – to create a digital musical mosaic that is not only fun to play with, it actually helped Canadian musicians keep on playing.

‘Play’ is a great word to add to the brand persona of the client we did this for – [yellow tail] wine leaves the snobbery to others and instead has chosen the path of being the accessible beverage for the spontaneous good times of your life. The disruption that has created a whole new space for [yellow tail] is in recognizing that really, most of us just want to enjoy a good glass of wine and to share it with our friends. Wine culture makes a lot of us edgy, and takes some of the fun out it – so [yellow tail] focused on that unpretentious side and is the easygoing, social brand that you can enjoy on your terms, your way.

It’s a great persona to work with – so we came up with an idea that would hit all the notes (sorry!) that say “[yellow tail]”: Our idea was social; fun; share-able as a great bottle of wine; and a bit silly yet also exactly the kind of thing we do when we’re happy.

We created the [yellow tail] Wine Orchestra. We called on Canadians to upload on to a webcam video of themselves clinking, dinging, tapping and rubbing their wine glasses and [yellow tail] bottles to create a rhythm, a sound, a bit of music all their own. Each entry within the Orchestra is added as a tile on a virtual wall of sound – no mean feat technically, but loads of fun to play with – and then we made sure that by highlighting the tiles and moving them around you can blend sounds and beats to create a sort of a symphony. You can take a break in your otherwise hectic and tune-free day to become an ubercool DJ, or conductor, or creator of your own special sound track.

We were inspired by the music of the street, when you see a guy start to drum on a couple of buckets and suddenly a crowd appears spontaneously, all caught in the unavoidable impulse to stop and enjoy the moment. That celebration is exactly what [yellow tail] is all about.

We took the Wine Orchestra a step further. We gave all that sound to composer Kutiman to use as raw material, and he has created an orchestral piece entitled The Wine Orchestra Players — where he sampled from those hundreds of video uploads of Canadians having fun with their favourite [yellow tail] bottle or wine glass as instruments.

For anyone who doesn’t know him, Kutiman is the Israel-born musician is known for his innovative 2009 release ThruYOU, an online music video project mixed from samples of YouTube videos. ThruYOU received more than 10 million views in the first weeks of launch and was named one of the best inventions of the year by TIME magazine.

The Kutiman-created holiday composition and video will be released on this week, supported by a multi-media campaign including outdoor boards, rich media online banners, print advertising and point of sale material.

Kutiman’s piece is a great gift from [yellow tail] to you, just in time for the holiday season.

The generosity runs a little deeper, too. For each submission from the May launch until September 30, [yellow tail] donated $1 to the Unison Benevolent Fund which helps musicians keep playing by offering financial assistance to anyone in the industry facing hard times.  Great Big Sea front man Alan Doyle joined the campaign to help support other Canadian musicians through Unison, and his own video is included among those created by [yellow tail] fans. Both Doyle and [yellow tail] were united in the desire to help musicians continue to colour our lives.

So go colour yours! Check out and put some ‘play’ in your day.


Nissan Armchair Hero

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Nissan Canada Inc., recently launched its second annual Armchair Hero campaign. The interactive, CFL-fan site, conceived and created by TBWA\Toronto, allows fans of seven CFL teams to submit plays that could be used in an actual CFL game. The Nissan Armchair Hero finalist of each team will win tickets to the sold-out 98th Grey Cup Game where, during the championship, they will go head-to-head to win an all-new 2011 Nissan JUKE.

Nissan Armchair Hero is the only contest that invites enthusiasts to assist CFL coaches with creative plays. At, fans explain why their play is a ‘touchdown’ by submitting their plays and videos online, which are then voted on by other fans. The head coach reviews the top ten plays for each team and the winners will attend the sold-out 98th Grey Cup Game in Edmonton this November where they will compete for a chance to win a 2011 Nissan JUKE.

To date more than 3200 plays have been submitted and more than 75,000 votes have been cast. Making this a hugely popular interactive fan site that takes Nissan’s CFL sponsorship to a more engaging level.

The contest ends on October 21, 2010.


So what leads to viral success?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Recently, a couple client spots took off online. Not to the degree of a Lady Gaga video, but getting more than one million views is still good.

So what generated our two viral successes? For Pedigree, it was the content – wonderful dogs filmed in super slow motion leading up to the late introduction of the brand towards the end of the spot. Some may claim that this limited the brand’s exposure but the vast majority of the comments mentioned Pedigree. Given that the client treats dogs as heroes, it made sense to focus on the animals’ great expressions and grace as they followed the arc of a piece of dried food gliding ever so slowly through the air.

Unlike many videos that are seeded with influential bloggers, communities and news sites, this spot took off purely by unaided word-of-mouth. Some influential people with broad online communities liked the video, shared it and ultimately helped it spread.

TBWA\TORONTO also launched the Nissan Sentra SE-R Project which was designed to spread online. Filmed using 1:10 scale model remote controlled (RC) cars and helicopters, the spot was created to show off this sporty new car. The Nissan team also wanted people to think they were looking at a life-sized car until they realized that it was in fact a remote controlled car drifting across their screens. People loved the spot and said as much while sharing it with their communities. Which was the goal of the seeding program used to get the video in front of the right influencers.

A documentary was also created showing the remote controlled helicopter, remote controlled camera car and other cool innovations needed to shoot what we think is the first-ever car commercial made using RC cars.

Both spots shared similar characteristics:

  • Entertainment – dogs jumping in slo mo / cool, drifting remote controlled car
  • Brand soft-sell – branding emerges as the audience is being entertained
  • Production value – the Phantom Camera used to film the dogs is cutting-edge / the remote controlled cars were designed specifically for this ad
  • Created with specific audiences in mind – dog lovers / male car lovers

The results: ultimately, both spots lifted sales by engaging consumers with branded content. People liked the dogs and the drifting car and treated them as entertainment worth watching and sharing.

So does positive brand engagement via social media equate to sales? In the case of Pedigree and Nissan Sentra: yes. Especially since the products deliver on their respective brand promises. Of course buzz doesn’t always deliver short-term sales. But when buzz is tied to brand belief and brand behaviour, the results will always be positive.


Hollywood Reliving the 80s

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Wow. Ralph Macchio never kicked that high.

Hollywood always seems to have a shotgun approach when making movies. Produce as many of the same type of movies as you can, for a window of time, to appeal to the peak of a core audience’s interest and then see what breaks box office records and what will inevitably be abject failures.

We saw it in teen angst, war epics, disaster films — natural and unnatural, slasher flicks, comic book adaptations and action movies. Usually, these trends stem from specific genres, having had an initial successful standard bearer and everyone else trying to catch the new wave. This time around, Hollywood decided to focus on a specific time period, one that had every genre listed above. The plan is to update them, stylize them for a new time, and hopefully cash in on the nostalgia.

In the upcoming months, for those of you reminiscing about the good old 80s when big hair and bigger shoulder pads took the world by storm, we find ourselves in the midst of reliving this decade. Most notably in the box office as this summer season and the next one to follow, ushers in remakes and updates that will most likely resemble little of the 80s at all.

Re-imaginings of Clash of the Titans, the A-Team, Karate Kid, Nightmare on Elm Street and Tron are set to be released this year as directors are encouraged (if not eager) to work on the same projects that they grew up watching only a few decades ago.

And these are only remakes. There are further examples of an homage to 80s filmmaking, as popular action stars from the decade (eg. Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren) team up for an old-style action movie called the Expendables. Michael Douglas has a new prodigy when he comes back as Gordon Gekko in a sequel to Wall Street. And finally, a new team is being hunted in Predators – which screenwriter and producer Robert Rodriguez stipulates is only a sequel to the first Predator released in 1987, ignoring the rest in the franchise.

This growing trend isn’t losing steam as remakes to Commando, Red Dawn, The Evil Dead, Conan the Barbarian, along with many more, continue to move into preproduction as part of the production schedule for the upcoming years.

So, as the summer comes and goes and moviegoers flock to their local multi-plexes, they’ll most likely be an accurate barometer that will determine the longevity and sustainability of this 80’s trend.


Google maps goes 3D

Friday, April 30th, 2010

A view of the Toronto skyline in Google’s Earth View.

Google just released a new feature in Google Maps named Earth View. It allows users to zoom in to street levels and see 3D models of buildings as well as mountains and different planes.

The user can literally fly over a city now and through buildings and parks. The buildings are just a model so they might not be as detailed as the real thing, but they’ve done a great job laying out all the buildings in their precise location. I haven’t tried it, but apparently you can also experience first-person dives beneath the ocean!

Check it out at:
(you’ll have to download the Google Earth plugin. )

Here is a quick youtube video on Earth View:

Get the Flash Player to see this content.


TBWA\TORONTO hires new Director of Digital Media Arts and Director of Earned Media

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Award-winning Toronto office hires digital marketer, Tasha Dean, and public relations veteran, Trevor Campbell

TBWA\TORONTO’s vision to be the leading Canadian agency connecting people with brands via earned media, unearned media, owned media and created media became reality with the hiring of Tasha Dean as Director of Digital Media Arts and Trevor Campbell as the Director of Earned Media.

A rising star in interactive production, Dean brings more than 15 years of digital branding and marketing innovation to TBWA\TORONTO. Her brand work includes Telus, Mini, Koodo and Molson and she has been recognized at Cannes, One Show, Webby Awards and the Cassies. Dean previously worked at Taxi.

The past president of Porter Novelli Canada, Campbell brings more than 16 years of public relations success to TBWA\TORONTO. He has helped industry-leading clients develop marketing communications strategies to strengthen brands and influence North American audiences.

“Trevor and Tasha are fantastic additions to TBWA\TORONTO’s leadership team,” said Jay Bertram, president of TBWA\TORONTO. “Tasha’s incredible digital marketing and social media expertise have already helped our clients build their brands online. And Trevor’s established public relations and social media smarts will enable clients to benefit from our fully integrated services.”

“Working side-by-side with digital and mass media presents an unmatched opportunity to develop compelling client programs,” said Campbell. “The media landscape is in flux and TBWA\TORONTO is prepared to manage all aspects of the marketing communications mix.”

“I love the marriage of creative and technical,” added Dean. “Watching great creative come to life when executed flawlessly is a really exciting moment. Digital is the new mass and we should embrace it.”

TBWA\ Toronto ( creates Disruptive ideas that help drive growth. We make brands famous for clients, including ABSOLUT, Apple, Infiniti, Mars, Nissan, Petro-Canada and Visa. As a top-five, worldwide marketing communications agency, TBWA\ Toronto’s industry-leading Media Arts talent covers paid, earned, owned and created media. TBWA\ TORONTO knows that creativity drives growth, as illustrated by Fast Company Magazine placing TBWA 24th on its list of “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.”